Bacon L Board Printers
​for the food packaging industry

To learn more about SBB Synthetic Bacon Board® call: 717-360-2335

Full service manufacturers of print packaging, labels, and synthetic bacon board SBB Synthetic Bacon Board®

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to have bacon L boards printed using SBB Synthetic Bacon Board®, so what is my next step?
A. Call us at717-360-2335.

Q. Is there a special process for printing SBB Synthetic Bacon Board® for food contact?
A. Yes, it is a patented process.

Q. Where can I purchase SBB Synthetic Bacon Board® material?
A.  Only through baconLboardmanufacturers.com or www.profol.com.

Q. What are my options when purchasing SBB Synthetic Bacon Board® material?
A.  You can purchase sheeted or on rolls. In 9, 10 and 12 mil weights.

Q. Can I use SBB Synthetic Bacon Board® material for packaging other than bacon L board?
A.  Absolutely.